Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Dentist Part 2

In the past, one of my attempts at getting my teeth fixed was getting referred to a dentist that a friend of mine goes to. My interest in her was that she used laughing gas, aka nitrous oxide. Not all dentists do. My thoughts were that more anesthetizing must be better, right? Not only some shots in the mouth to numb me up but some laughing gas to make me forget that horrible drilling noise.

I sat down in the chair, feeling rather positive about my decisions and put on my headphones and turned up my ipod. She put a little nose piece in my nose and I breathed deeply. This sort of worked for a little awhile but then I got a little anxious and asked her to turn it up. Then I asked her to turn it up again. I started to feel claustrophobic, then lightheaded, then nauseous, then a little violent and just before I passed out I ripped the mask off my nose. That was it for the laughing gas. I survived the filling but I'm pretty sure she cracked that tooth. I can't seem to win.

Later in the week I was talking to my Mom and relating this story. She told me of her experience with a rural Canadian dentist and nitrous oxide. She beat him up she got so violent on it. Apparently it's hereditary, some people just can't deal with laughing gas.

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