Friday, June 17, 2005


Stepping off the plane and into the night air in Vancouver I could smell it. The wonderful, deep smell of wood. Visions of majestic redwoods and towering pines flashed through my head. It was a heady feeling and I felt the longing to come home to Canada. Days later, after spending time in Vancouver reality set in. It is really just another big city with the visual advantage of the mountains on one side and the ocean on the other.

My final impressions of Vancouver is that it is a big city like so many others with its own set of problems and adventures to be had. It's a city without freeways or embedded highways. This is bizarre to me. This metropolis goes on as far as the eye to see - you actually just get around by driving through city streets with stop lights the whole way. How inefficient. Asians permeate Vancouver. Not that I'm prejudice or anything, but the whole city is almost exclusively Asian. Chinese people even own and run the sushi joints.

It strikes me that Vancouver is definitely a place to discover more, but probably more likely the outlying areas, like Victoria Island, Whistler, Goose Mountain, etc. Vancouver is just the endpoint for the airplane - the rest of British Columbia is out there to explore.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

5 Tips to avoid viruses & deal w/ email attachments

Follow these basic guidelines when dealing with attachments in an e-mail message, no matter what e-mail program you're using:
1. Don't open any attachment unless you know whom it's from and you were expecting it.
2. If you receive an e-mail message with an attachment from someone you don't know, delete it immediately.
3. Use antivirus software and keep it updated.
4. If you need to send an e-mail attachment to someone, let them know you'll be sending it so they don't think it's a virus.
5. Use spam filters to help block unwanted e-mail, much of which contains dangerous attachments. For information on how to do this with Outlook, see Update junk e-mail filters for Outlook.

Garage Sale Madness -- even the tow truck driver was doing a good business on the double parked cars!