Saturday, April 04, 2009

Million Dollar Day

Today Dena, my Mom, my Aunt Elaine and I left Cambria, California and drove north up Highway 1. This coast road is considered by many to be the most spectacular coastline in the world and it did not disappoint. First stop was the Elephant Seals near San Simeon. We marveled at their size and smell and took lots of pictures.

We drove by the Piedras Blanca Lighthouse and continued north stopping a various overlooks to revel in the breathtaking views up and down the coast. Crashing waves, steep cliffs, large rock outcroppings and a full palette of spring wild flowers greeted us at every turn. We stopped for a quick waterfall hike and some more pictures. Mom fed the blue jays and I was surrounded by 5 little gophers eating Elaine's rye crackers right out of my hands.

We stopped at Nepenthe for a well deserved lunch break and admired more of the view and soaked up some sun. We then oohed and ahhed further north past Big Sur itself and then up to Point Lobos State park. This is where we saw Harbor Seals, an otter and whale spouts. Like I said, a million dollar day. We are now in Monterey Bay and will stay the night here.

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Anonymous said...

And to think you would have missed this day had you clicked your heels and jumped to the end of 09.

You are the ultimate tour guide sis, so glad you are having a great time.