Tuesday, March 17, 2009

David Copperfield

My sister, Ian, Dena and I spent the weekend in Lost Wages. I was excited because we got tickets to David Copperfield, 2nd row booth. When we sat down I thought I was in a movie we were so close. Being in a booth so close to the stage reminded me of those mafia movies where the "don's" sat. Side note: Don = a title in Spain (Don/Dona) and Italy (Don/Donna) descending from Latin "dominus," master, lord.

As excited as I was to see the master of magic I walked away a little disappointed. He seemed bored throughout most of the performance, just going through the motions. He also seemed quite cynical, almost defending himself to the new talent in town, the Criss Angel's of the world. Even his pre-show curtain candy seemed defensive. It was a listing of all his accomplishments, touting them to the world, as if he felt threatened we would forget. Perhaps David, it is time to hang up the wand and top hat. Just like Dan Marino and Brett Favre, sometimes it's best to retire on a high note before you're old, washed up and cynical.

As for the rest of the weekend, it was a blast. I did a ride-a-long at the Las Vegas Speedway in a Nascar where we did the 1.5 mile oval at 165 mph. Fast, unbelievably fast! I played craps for the first time in years. Most of it came back to me after about 30 minutes without the help of the sarcastic stick man. I'm proud to say I came out of Vegas $55 ahead....

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