Friday, March 27, 2009

Another Saga Begins - The Dentist

I guess I'm like my Mother. I believe most women say that after they hit a certain age. It's not a bad thing to be sure, but there are some traits that she has that I definitely have. One of them is fear of dentists and subsequently, not so good teeth. Today, after several failed attempts, I have started on the road to dental resolution. I suppose you just have to put one foot in front of the other, or tooth, and keep chewing along until it's all done.

How did this fear of dentists start I wonder? When I was young I remember going to the dentist and I had something like 10 cavities. I think I was around 6 or so. I vividly recall sitting in the dental chair crying very loudly and my mom having to leave me there and run home to get more money. I don't know if I had permanent teeth or baby teeth. What dentist fills cavities in baby teeth? What dentist makes the Mom leave their kid screaming in the chair? Sadistic bastard. I'm sure no one likes going to the dentist but for me it's definitely a fear laden experience. I lay in that chair and my back is rigid and my neck is so tight you could play a tune on my tendons.

So I tried a new dentist that was recommended by a friend. She told me that this dentist had a very Zen attitude. Zen is good. Zen is calm. I like Zen. The dentist can be found here. My first appointment wasn't bad at all except the inevitable news that more work was needed. The most interesting part of the appointment was the new technology. She put a small pen camera in my mouth and took live pictures of the teeth and then they only x-rayed what was needed instead of shoving tons of those hard plastic painful film pieces into your mouth. And yes, I did have a heated, lavender scented neck pillow to soothe me.

Since that first experience I've been back for preparation for a root canal and a crown. I'm sure step 2 of many, many steps. The experience was preceded by some drugs on my part, very necessary, Bose noise cancelling headphones, my ipod, a lavender scented neck pillow and a very kind, patient dentist. I'm none the worse for wear. I now have an appointment with the endodontist for the root canal. I'm hoping he's a nice, gentle and cute as my Dr. Shafi.

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