Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The First Purchase

I guess in for a penny, in for a pound. We made our first kitchen purchase yesterday. A new wine refrigerator, built in. We had planned on a 16" wine fridge in the kitchen, stainless steel but the price for any builtin wine fridge is outrageous. On a whim we wandered on over to Home Expo which is going out of business to check out the sales. When we arrived all floor model appliances were 40% off. This little wine fridge from Marvel popped out at us and said "buy me please". I checked it out thoroughly and it looked to be in good shape. The only problem was that it was not stainless steel and was missing the handles. Odd I thought. But upon further investigation it is a cabinet style, where your cabinet maker puts a door frame on it in the style and wood of your choice. I think it will work and we save $ 1,000. That makes me happy. Hopefully it works.

Oh, and as a point of reference in case you ever need to know. If you ship/transport any refrigeration unit on it's side you must leave it upright for 48 hours prior to plugging it in to power. This is so the freon will settle. This is apparently vital. Good to know.

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