Friday, February 01, 2008

Santiago - Day Zero Travel Day

The flight from LAX through Panama City via Copa Airlines (a Continental Partner) was incredibly long and arduous. I hate to sound like an ugly American but pretty much everything was spoken in spanish. Occasionally there will be an english translation following by the pilot or stewardess, however, they spoke for 3 minutes in spanish and we get about 20 seconds. Not sure what we are missing but it is definitely something.

The Grand Hyatt Santiago is marvelous. The hotel is situated close to the Andes and thus is farther away from downtown than I would like. However, it is beautiful and due to it's proximity to the mountains, is where all the rich people live. Figures. Today we start our adventures by taking a 12 hour off road trip up into Maipo Canyon. This tour is offered by Hislandes and we're certainly looking forward to it. We arrived completely exhausted, having been up for around 48 hours. The hotel exceeded my expectations in everyway with a sunken living room and a very gracious staff. Room service is coming with my pisco sour then it is off to bed. I am having trouble finding the aprostphe so there will be no contractions on this blog.....hehe. And apparently no spell checking. Spanish keyboard. Took me 5 minutes to get the @ sign.

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