Thursday, February 07, 2008

First Landing, First Iceberg

Retraction - I've been requested to retract the report that the swells were only 8 - 10'. After speaking with the first mate, the swells at the height of the Drake Passage were ~ 24'. That's a little higher......Arlene wanted to redeem herself for puking all over the entrance to the dining room and continue to exude her tuff stuff......
This afternoon was spectacular and breathtaking. Our iceberg sighting as well as our first zodiac landing. On Aitcho island we landed to a cachaphony of penguins. We finally set foot on a landmass in the Antarctic circle, not the continent itself yet....but we are getting there. This island is in the South Shetland chain. We walked slowing around in penguin guano, sometimes kneeling or laying in it to the get "money" shot. I'd love to upload a couple shots for you guys but the satellite connection is quite slow and I'm having trouble. They have the computers locked down so I cannot shrink the image.
Tonight was the Captain's welcome cocktail hour followed by dinner. We were not invited to the Captain's table, probably because of her puking in the dining room......
By the way, whoever left the comment of who won what in the primaries, thank you. I won't bother publishing the comment but everyone on the ship made me print them out a copy. So thank you very much.

We are off to bed now as we expect to be awakened at ~ 4:30am to the sites of the Antarctic Sound, aka iceberg alley.

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