Saturday, February 16, 2008

Heading North

We have left our last landing point in Antarctica and have began the journey across the Drake Passage to the Horn of South America (cape Horn). Tears well up in my eyes as I look out from the stern of the ship at this land that has touched my heart and soothed my soul. So barren a place, so alive a place I have never seen. Every iceberg holds a new wonder, every landing a new adventure, I can certainly see the draw that kept Shackleton and the rest coming back no matter the hardships. The Drake Passage was just the beginning for their arduous journey, for us, it is the end. They say you can get the polar bug and I believe I have it. I think not of home and the comforts that holds but think only of how I can come back here and when.
Every turn of the propeller sends us further north and Smith Island is off the starboard side of the ship. This is the last land we will see for ~ 2 days. Everything we do is the "last" of our trip. It's the last island we will see in Antarctica, the last whale, the last iceberg, the last sunset, the last........

I´m beginning to get seasick again. I have put on the patch behind my ear and am preparing myself for the side affects it gives me, dry mouth, sleepiness and blurry vision. Lovely, eh

"How hard it will be to become ordinary citizens again"cinemaphotographer, March of the Penguins

Life is not ordinary here, thus having experienced it, we are no longer ordinary citizens.

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Anonymous said... is better to have experienced it and say fond farewells than never to have experienced it at all.

Love you guys. Have a safe journey home.