Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lemaire Channel + more

Feb 11th morning
Our bottom level cabin has some advantages and disadvantages, one advantage is the drone of the engines makes sleeping glorious and deep. We were awakened several times during the night by small icebergs (very small) banging against the hull. Can be a little unsettling to be sure but we are getting used to it. The morning started with a quick run up to the bridge for our passage through the infamous Lemaire Channel. This is a narrow channel with towering dark mountains looming overhead and glaciers flowing down their steep slopes tumbling into the sea. A breathtaking sight.

After we were through the channel we stopped at Petermann Island (well one zodiac did) to pick up 3 Oceanites researchers who had been working on the island for ~ 2 months. I'm sure they were thrilled to see us. We were unable to land and visit the penguin colony due to the severe weather the night before (rain, sleet and snow) which had turned the island into a penguin guano skating rink. So I stayed on the bridge monitoring the sea and witnessed a leopard seal thrashing about a penguin (lunch no doubt), spotted a few humpback whales off the bow and of course, the normal penguin activity in the water. We are now steaming at full speed south to get out of the weather and getting closer to the Antarctic Circle. What an experience that will be if we are able to make it. Keep your fingers crossed.

Arlene's Workout Tip of the Day
On a small cruise ship in rolling seas taking a wide mouth water bottle with you is a bad idea. Doing the treadmill during rolling seas is not only a cardio workout but also an excellent core muscle workout as you struggle to keep yourself on that skinny tread.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Adventure bog.. we love reading it and keeping up, here's more election results from yesterday.. Go Obama... 8 in a row for him.

Democratic Races

DC - Obama 75%Clinton 24%
MD - Obama 60%Clinton 37%
VA - Obama 64%Clinton 35%
Obama - 1,215 Clinton - 1,190

Republican Races
DC 98%McCain 68%Huckabee 17%
MD 95%McCain 55%Huckabee 29%
VA 99%McCain 50%Huckabee 41%
Delegates: McCain - 812 Huckabee - 286

Anonymous said...

HAHA Arlene! That's what you get for trying to exercise on a freaken VACATION!!!

I hope you guys get out of bad weather soon! I hope you have another fabulous day!


Joan said...

I think I am remembering the Lemaire Channel. We went through a very narrow area, lowered anchor, and then went out on the Zodiacs. We had a group of Minki whales swimming around and under our Zodiacs, so spent a great deal of time out. After getting back to the ship, we then had to transverse back through the Lemaire Channel and it was all iced over! I suppose that since we were late getting back out of there and because it is so narrow, it was able to ice over. It was quite an experience. I kept thinking about the book about the Shakleton Expedition where their ship was frozen in the ice and they were stuck out there in Antarctica...

Anonymous said...

Happy.. Happy Birthday my friend,
I love you,