Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Port Lockroy

We moved from Cuverville Island to Port Lockroy. A nice sheltered bay with a British station on a tiny little island. The Brits have turned this old winter station into a museum, post office and shopping mall. Finally, we could shop! The Brits abandoned the island about 30 years ago and only recently re-established it. In the meantime the Gentoo penguins had moved in. The island is now inhabited by 3 British station agents and ~ 4,000 Gentoo penguins and their chicks.

We made landfall in a light snow and were the first boat ashore for a change. This proved to our advantage as by the time we came out of the station the snow had turned horizontal from the wind. I had wanted more time to explore the island and hang out with the chicks but the weather was deteriorating and it wasn't good for the camera. We jumped on board and went back to the ship with our treasures in hand and hopefully some postcards with Antarctic stamps and cancellations going out to some of you. Scroll down for more pictures

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