Thursday, January 31, 2008

Various Thoughts

The countdown begins. We leave tonight (or rather Friday morning) at 1:00 am on Copa Airlines. The flight takes us from LAX to Panama City to Santiago. That's a long, long, long flight. There's a lot going on with packing, re-packing and so on. It's very difficult to pack for Santiago which is 86 degrees and then on to Tierra del Fuego (~ 57 degrees) for 1/2 a day and then onto the ship and preparing for 20 - 32 degrees.

My feelings bounce around with every passing hour, from panic that I've packed all I needed, to excitement to apprehension, it's a wild and wonderful world inside my brain. It's 6:30 pm now and I've been trying to write this blog all day. My procrastination skills are fantastic. What am I procrastinating about? Packing. I hate to pack. I hate the decisions that have to be made on a trip of this length. Well, frankly, I hate the decisions for any length trip. You have to decide how many pairs of socks, what to wear each and every day, what to wear more than once, etc. You have to plan for weather that you are unfamiliar with and frankly, 2 continents I'm unfamiliar with. I hate packing. So, I've done everything in the world except pack today. I've even made peelable labels with people's addresses for mailing postcards, rapidly. Now that's sick. But the suitcase remains empty. Four and a half hours until we head for the airport. Perhaps I should get busy, eh?

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