Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dinner With Jay Dickman

Feb 10th Evening
We came back to our cabin to an invitation to dinner with Jay Dickman the National Geographic Photographer. We were certainly looking forward to this event and went back to the cabin to put on our best duds. We don't really have much in the fancy cruise ship dinner wear as our clothing choices focused mainly on warmth. But we found something. Dinner was wonderful with Dena being escorted to the table arm in arm with the first officer. We had a nice meal and more importantly some excellent conversation. Jay is a story teller and he certainly has many to tell. From Denengue Fever in Papau New Guinea to a war correspondent in Central America he's been through a lot and we enjoyed them all. The conversation eventually turned to good natured ribbing about how I broke my camera and how Canada is the 51st state, etc, etc. That's ok, Jay had spent months in the Yukon and couldn't say enough about what a beautiful country Canada is. We may be liberal in politics and be known as the country that is the party loft above a more serious USA but we are good people, we know how to have fun and enjoy life.

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Anonymous said...

And excellent friends and hockey players eh? Okay, this dinner sounds just exceptional. I can't wait to hear more. I want to hear every story Mr. Dickman tells. (By the way, isn't that rather a funny last name? ::nudge::) ANYWAY...

Question: Are you guys homesick yet?

I think it's time you come home. You've been gone long enough and I miss you and I want to hear more stories.

Another Question: Has there been no alcoholic adventures? I would think you guys would have some really good "warming" drink stories or something?

Yet Another Question: How are you shipmates? Are there people there that you are enjoying?