Wednesday, March 29, 2006

DNA Genographic Project

Well there it is people. My DNA. I could be re-created, cloned if you will from the tiny molecule contained in that vial. Think about it. Maybe the National Geographic is not really using my DNA to research the journey of humankind's ancestors but to create a clone army that has been subjected to mind control and will uphold the Christian right's skewed sense of values and take over the Earth!!! (insert evil laugh here)

But seriously, I'm looking forward to viewing the anonymous ramblings of my ancestors over the millennia. Truthfully, I know they came from Europe and Great Britain. I am a mutt after all with a lot of European blood in me, but you never know, I could have space alien DNA in me. I'm sure that wouldn't surprise a lot of you readers. Maybe they'll discover some new line or breed of humanoid? I could have been the product of a rape back in 10,000 BCE of my ancient mother by the aliens that built the pyramids. Ya think? Stay tuned for the results and perhaps other neurotic, paranoid delusional ramblings....

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