Monday, March 27, 2006

Tax Ramblings

There is absolutely nothing more I hate doing in the whole world is preparing for taxes. Well maybe going to the dentist or the Gyno. Years ago I had my own business and it was a horror show. I was twenty something and didn't have the diligence and organization skills required to keep a handle on records all through out the year, so come April it was a nightmare. Now, I work for the "man" and get a W2 in the mail like most taxpaying American middle class poor people. You'd think it'd be easy wouldn't you? I must be scarred for life by the previous tax preparation events as I procrastinate until it hurts. Wouldn't you think I'd be motivated by $$$ After all, I do get $$ back every year.

Scars. Emotional scars last for such a long time. Even if they are self inflicted and/or imagined. Memories, they seem to waiver and morph into something that we think we remember instead of what we really remember. I wonder if the brain is covering for us? Modifying memories, making them look better. Sort of like what a mother remembers of child birth. They say they don't really remember the pain.

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