Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Living your life

The graphic above, although small, represents something big. When we are young we live our lives in the solid oval - focusing on the Present and the Future. A 3 year old answers the question of "How old are you?" with "I'm going to be 4." An adult, when asked how old usually answers with the current age or younger.
This represents how we start our lives working toward the future and living in the present but as we age we relinquish or suppress any future possibilities and dwell in the past and barely live in the present. If you're in the Left handed dashed oval, then you have given up on the possibility of fulfilling your dreams, and essentially decided to mark off your territory and maintain your station.

It's difficult to strive for your dreams. Self doubt, life, & responsibilities can make it challenging to move toward our goals, so we begin to compromise. We settle. We shut down and spend the rest of our lives justifying where we ended up. If someone comes to us with their dream, perhaps we even shoot them down. After all, how dare they have dreams when yours are dead.

Get out of the past and jump into the future!

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Anonymous said...

So...what are you really saying here? Do you feel that your life has come to a turning point of stagnation or movement?
Is this a watershed moment for you? Do tell!