Monday, March 13, 2006

Dirty Little Secrets

Everyone has secrets. Whether they are stashed in the back of a closet in a shoebox, written in a private diary or locked away deep in our mind, everyone has some secret(s) hidden. Remember when you were a kid & whispering a secret into the ear of your friend? How quickly that silly little tidbit made its way across the playground. Perhaps we've taken those playground lessons into adulthood and lock our skeletons safely in the cupboard. When my little niece whispered secrets into my ear I would tell her that if she didn't cover the other ear the secret would leak out. But all secrets leak out eventually.

I know you keep secrets. I know you keep one from your best friend, another from your lover and another from your Mother. It may be a tryst that you are embarrassed of, a moment of underhandedness that you don't want to get out, or some other furtive moment in your life. Suffice it to say, all secrets are kept for only one of two reasons: You don't want anyone to know as it will hurt you or the other person, or you want to seem more important than you think you are.

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Ar said...

So what are you hidng and what made you give it so much thought?