Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Things I've learned or thought of during Wednesday the 8th of March---

If Oprah can build 65 houses in a whole neighborhood that was a big dirt field in 3 months, why can't FEMA and the whole US government fix New Orleans? Surely the US Government is more powerful and richer than Oprah.

When you leave a tin of wonderfully delicious and expensive dark chocolate squares in your center console and leave the car in rooftop parking in Riverside in March, chances are it'll be one sticky but yummy tin of liquid when you're done for the day.

Driving to Riverside sucks -- but it sucks much more in the Chevy mommy mobile than it does in my new Dodge Magnum.

2 huge diet cokes for lunch when you're not used to caffiene anymore is kind of like roto rooter for your body. Apparently I need to be reminded of that every 6 months or so. Or perhaps I needed a drain cleanout. Good thing no one cleaned out my trap.


Bear said...

You are soooo bad! Now I know where else you hide your chocolate stash.

And...GROSS! Do we really want to hear you talk about your drain cleaning?!?!?!?!?

ar said...

No one is more powerful than Oprah, not even the US government.

John w/Mite said...

You ain't right......another thing I love about you!
Johnny5 from Austin