Wednesday, March 22, 2006

SSSSS Selected for Additional Security Screening

Yes, that’s me. I had the magic SSSSS on my boarding pass today. I was on a one-way ticket from Burbank (BUR) to Spokane (GEG). No, it wasn’t a pleasure trip. Who would go from 65 degrees in Los Angeles to 38 degrees in Spokane for pleasure? I had to get a one-way ticket as everything was sold out to/from GEG. Go figure, apparently there are a lot of people needing to go to GEG or more likely, get the hell out.

I bore my cross today at security with patience and disinterest. It’s just one of the many inconveniences we must go thru to travel by air. Does anyone really think that a terrorist is going to buy a one way ticket when they know they’ll get enhanced screening? But that’s another blog…. It was quite a fiasco with the pat down, ripping thru all my bags, the bomb cloth on each item. Good thing I got to the airport early.

Now, on to more important things. I flew Alaska Air up to Spokane, because everyone knows that Alaska Air owns the NorthWest. My flight was run by Horizon Air as big carriers contract the short hauls to little carriers. I haven’t cheated on United Airlines for probably 5 years, maybe more. I’ve been a loyal customer despite their little seats, shitty service, lack of any kind of snack let alone actual food and slow baggage service at LAX. My conclusion…the grass really is greener on the other side.

Horizon Air has free beer and wine. Yes, you heard me right, FREE ALCOHOL. They had a nice Red Hook India Pale Ale (which was exquisite) and a Columbia Crest red. They feature a microbrew a month and a NW winery every month. What a treat. And you know what the snack was? Corn chips and cheese. And dessert was chocolate covered cranberries. Yummy Yummy.

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