Thursday, March 16, 2006

7-11 Story

Sometime ago I used to go to 7-11 everyday for my Big Gulp in the morning. Some people do coffee, I did diet Coke. Each day I would see a lanky young black fellow who would wash my windows and I'd bring him out a pastry. We had a relationship of sorts. I depended on him, he depended on me. One day I was driving to work and thought "Tomorrow, I should ask him why is he homeless. He's young, in fairly good shape, we've had reasonable conversations before so he's not looney, I want to know how he ended up washing my windows with newspaper."

The day arrived and I asked him what his story was. He was a cable TV installer, went out to a party one weekend, drank too much and got busted DUI on the way home. He lost his license which cost him his job, which cost him his girlfriend & then his apartment. Now after living on the streets and shelters and probably doing god knows what he found out he was HIV +. Occasionally I think about him when I venture into a 7-11. I wonder whatever became of him and hope he's doing ok.

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Anonymous said...

Canadians will talk to anyone.