Monday, November 29, 2004

Remodel update

I had hope. It was dashed a little, but alas, hope springs eternal. The GC (Gene) was here today along with Simon. Simon (the electrician) is awesome. He's efficient and works quickly. I love that. He installed our new light fixtures in the new bathroom and the pink bathroom. He tested/labeled all the circuits on our new panel. I'm so happy. He also showed me something new in our house. Don't you love when something new and exciting is presented to you? Something cool that makes your life easy? Something you didn't know. Ah, life. Oops, back to the remodel. Jeesh, have you noticed I've been awfully reflective lately? What is up with that? Do you think its because my birthday is coming? Maybe I'm PMS. That's what Dena will say.

Okay, focus! The cool thing Simon showed me was the 3rd light switch in our service porch, which I haven't know what the hell its for during the 10 years we've lived here, turns on and off the light in front of the guest house. Isn't that cool! Here I thought all this time I had to run all the way out there. Over the last few years I just said, "fuck it" and didn't bother turning it on. I mean, if a thief wants to come in the dark so be it, I'm not going outside. Now I can turn it on and off from the comfort of the service porch. HOW COOL IS THAT!!

Anyways, Gene's small contribution was to install the medicine cabinet in the new bathroom. A Robern, top of the line model. He also gave me the song and dance about our new heating vent cover? Is that what you call it. Dena and I went to Liz's Hardware and she made me root around in the back room thru all this rusty salvage crap until we found this totally cool, awesome, rockin' vent cover. I mean WOW. But he gave me the oh, its gonna be hard, and take a long time, but I suppose if you really want it song and dance. Just fuckin' do it. Its takin' you 5 months to get this far, what's another 2 weeks of listening to you stall? Ooooo a little vindictive you think?

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