Monday, November 22, 2004

Puppetry of the Penis

My office was painted Thursday and Friday therefore all the computers were off, so I apologize for my absence. What a busy and eventful time I've had since we've last met.

Let's start off with Thursday night(the 18th), Puppetry of the Penis night. Pete & Tony got us seats to the "show" here in Los Angeles for a graduation present. They seem to feel I have a fascination with the male "member". But (or should I say butt) regardless of their obvious misconceptions of my interests Dena and I went to the show. Well 2 people have to go right?! They got us front row seats. Oh my. Now these two fellows or puppet masters are not the original "inventors" of Penis Puppetry but they appear well trained. They are not unusually well endowed and seem of normal size to me, not that I have a vast experience in this matter. The show was hilarious and even Dena was laughing. Apparently Tony, Dena and Peter had conspired to ensure I was the "volunteer" for the audience participation part of the show. Fortunately I have fast hands and grabbed Dena's arm down so I was not picked. What a nasty view that would have been although you do get a polaroid of your experience and that would have looked good in the scrapbook. I won't spoil the show for you and give you details. Suffice it to say, it is the FULL MONTY! The warm up comedian is absolutely hilarious.

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