Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I can't VOTE!!!!

I have never voted in my life. I left Canada when I was, oh, 20 or so, there hadn't been an election yet after I turned 18, and then, in the USA I wasn't allowed to vote. So, here I am, 25 months away from getting citizenship and possibly the biggest (aka most important) election in the free world is happening. But, hey, I'm having fun figuring out how in the world Kerry is going to win. There is a very cool interactive map @ MSNBC that you can click on each state and change who wins and it counts the electoral votes. I'm so confused about this electoral vote thing. Makes no bloody sense to me, I mean if candidate X gets 2,000,001 votes and candidate Y gets 1,999,999 votes, then why wouldn't candidate X win? Americans.... always being difficult.

Remodel update:
That little pissant Eric (the tile guy) didn't show up Friday (Oct 29 - tooth ache was the excuse du jour), showed up Monday (yesterday) while I was at work and didn't really get much done. I'm not sure how long he was here, but his modus operandi is to come around 10:30a and leave between 2:30p and 3. Wouldn't you like that job? How the hell does he make a living? Well, today, he didn't show up either. I'll post a pix later of the measly little tile he put on the wall yesterday.

Well, I'm back to the TV to pray over it. It may be for naught. Kerry would be good for the economy and my job, Bush is good for people who like to go to war and for the rich. I'm not rich, but I'd like to be. I'll never be rich if Bush gets elected. Do you want your banking information and accountant to be overseas? Check out this article here. Or, if you'd like to save my job, hope Kerry wins, here's an excerpt on a Kerry promise:

Kerry says, "I will close the tax loopholes that reward companies for shipping jobs overseas. Instead, we're going to use that revenue to reward companies that create and keep good jobs here in the United States of America. Under my plan, we'll cut the corporate tax rate by 5 percent, giving 99 percent of businesses a tax break."

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