Thursday, November 04, 2004

Funny thing happened today...

Well, here I am sitting (working) in my house, and my boss's boss calls (Rafic). Now, Rafic is out of our corporate office in Ottawa, Canada. I never see him. Last time I saw him was in Dallas in June 2004? Anyways, he's in town and the conversation goes like this: "do I want to have lunch." "Well, I'd love to have lunch but I just took my van in for service." "Oh, well I have to drive to the valley anyway, where are you located." Well, as some of you know we have an office in Orange county, which thankfully I only have to go to occasionally. So, unfortunately, I am on the way to the valley. Dawn says, "well I'm right on the way, so why don't you stop by and pick me up" OMG! Did I just say that??!! The house is a construction zone, my office looks like a bomb went off, several times. Those of you who know me and love me and have been in my office, know what I'm talking about. Rafic says, " That sounds perfect, I'll leave the office about 12:30 then" OMG! Its 11:30 now. How the hell am I going to clean everything in the hour and a half its going to take him to drive here?! Dawn says, "ok, see you then"

What ensued later was the most amazing cleaning frenzy you have ever seen. I filled the entire blue recycle bin with stuff from my office, papers mostly. Below are the before and after pictures. They truly do not do the effort justice. And of course, this doesn't even touch on all the other stuff I did around the house, including making the bed. I mean, making the bed??!! WHY?

Why is this all amusing you ask? Because he never made it past the front door, either coming or going. He was hungry, we left right away and when he dropped me off he never got out of the car. You just have to laugh you know. Well, on the bright side, my office is clean. I mean, I even scrubbed the damn floors.

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