Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Another busy remodel day

Did I mention that yesterday was awesome, so much being done, however, when things are being done on the remodel, nothing gets done in my life and this includes work and studying for my HP Exam. Today was another busy day, there are no fewer than 5 painters here. The head honcho Brian, is a very detailed, anal kind of guy, my kind of painter. He's on his guys constantly. This is a good quality in a painter. The bad news. They are going to paint my office? Remember a week ago when I cleaned my office for my boss's boss who came over? Well, now I have to clean even more because everything has to be moved. The blue recycle bin (the huge one) is almost full again.

I've basically run out of patience. The trades that are coming in as the last are enjoying the wrath of Dawn. I am so sick of every day being interupted by some construction task. The constant pitter patter of work boots, scrapers on wood, compressors running, spanish gossiping and other noises destroy any concentration I might have been able to muster. Either I have to drink more alcohol and start earlier in the day, or I just need to move out for awhile.

Its 7:40p here in Los Angeles and Gene (my GC) is still here. He's hanging a door in the new bathroom. The door isn't new of course, its moved from another location in the house. These doors are original and you cannot find them. Lots of details and they are no longer made in this way. I WANT SOME PEACE AND QUIET!

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