Sunday, November 28, 2004

Hope springs eternal

The contractor has promised that the "new" bathroom will be finished by this Friday the 3rd. The color match tile for the "pink" bathroom should be delivered on the 3rd. My hope meter is rising. Someone stop it!! Oh please let it all be true! Could we really get to take a jacuzzi bath on Saturday? This reminds me of Pandora's box.

You see, Pandora was just a nosy cleaning lady. She was told to stay out of a room and of course, had to go in. Us humans being curious as kittens. Pandora peered into the room, but it was totally empty with the exception of a box in the middle of it. Pandora's curiosity knew no bounds as she opened the box and out came hundreds of creatures looking like insects. The insect like creatures bit and stung Pandora all over her body. They flew up and spread out into the room. Quickly, Pandora shut the lid and sat on it. While sitting there on the box she heard knocking coming from inside it. Now she was reluctant to open the box again thinking that she had already done enough harm. "Let me out", said a tiny voice, "and maybe I can help you". Pandora thought about it and decided to take one more chance. She opened the box and out came a tiny fairy .

"I am Hope" ,said the fairy, "Pandora due to your curiosity you have let out all possible troubles for mankind. There will be no peace of mind for humans from this day forth. There will be greed and jealousy, insanity and lust, there will be plague and hatred, men will fight each other, wives will be set against husbands, sons against fathers, brother againgst brother, there will be famine, pestilence,vice and destruction. The world will know great sorrow."

Hearing this Pandora started to cry and sob terribly, for the great harm she had brought upon herself and her fellow humans. "Do not cry so much Pandora," said the fairy, "yes it is true that you have unleashed all manner of afflictions upon the world , but you have also let me out. I will always be there to bring hope to humans, whenever they are in trouble. I will always be there as the promise of Hope!"

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