Tuesday, February 14, 2006

State of the union

For Valentine's Day I will blog about my life partner. She's driving me insane. She's officially unemployed as of Monday the 12th as she awaits the start of her new job. So, she's home, ALL DAY! She's been purging and cleaning and shredding and discarding. It's great that she's starting anew in so many ways, but does she have to shred at Midnight? It was a school night last night. I'm laying there in bed, wishing I could sleep and all I hear is that damn shredder and it's pitiful whine. She's so focused on this whole purging thing that she was up @ 8am shredding. I'm trying to work here.

I'm pretty sure the shredder wasn't happy to see her that early in the morning either. It's 10:30 and she's still standing in front of my desk, cleaning and shredding. It's been 2 and a half hours! The shredder has just given up, I'm sure it's overheated. You can kind of tell when it's going to give up. The whine goes from pitiful to morose to downright exhausted, then silence. She says it's happened to her many times now. I've told her that shredding plastic cards is not a good idea.

She's like a machine. Cleaning out her closet, paying bills, running errands. I'm so amazed. I'm not sure I like this "at home" Dena. Oh well, I'll have to learn to enjoy it as she's going back to work on the 27th......

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