Monday, February 13, 2006

Google changes their logo...

I love Google. I love that they change their logo for special holidays, events or occasions. One of my favorites was the logo honoring the birthday of a French national hero, Louis Braille. The logo was in braille. Clicking on the logo when it's shape shifted brings one to a poignant URL. For the next two weeks though, go to Google each day, the logo will change with a different Winter Olympic event. They did this for the Greece summer olympics, too.

The logo shape shifting is thanks to the brilliant Dennis Hwang and they are iconic metaphors. The costumes Hwang creates for the logo reflect the world of Google's users, not just the importance of itself. A forward thinking company not obsessed with itself but putting a little fun & education out on the internet. After all, Google does have a huge user community.

As excerpted from the page referenced above Hwang works for Google and his favorite letters to manipulate are the O's and the L. Hwang says, "Google makes a big effort to recognize holidays that aren't necessarily mainstream. The Korean Independence Day logo was seen globally by tens of millions of people. Numerous Korean-Americans wrote to thank us on Aug. 15 last year. Many expressed how proud it made them to see the Korean flag."

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