Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Day 3 -- Kauai

Our day began as much as any other on Kauai, lounging about and wondering which beach we might visit today. We decided on our beach - Hanalei Bay and spent the day frolicking in the waves and having a beach side picnic. We were chased away around 3:30-pm and that’s really when the adventure began. We spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening indoors as the rain continued without letting up.

At 8 we took off over to the Dolphin for dinner and tried to talk as the rain pounded the tin roof. It was a rain cacophony. A little after 9 the check appeared the restaurant all of sudden was empty and no dessert was offered. They were closing the Hanalei River bridge, the water was rising, pay the bill and get out!

Startled we paid and dashed thru the puddles to the car. It rained torrential downpours all through the night, so much so that often we could not sleep for all the racket. My mind wandered with all sorts of thoughts of flash floods, rising water and being trapped in Hanalei.

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