Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Day 4 -- Kauai

I awoke early today, anxious to see what all that rain had done. It didn’t stop raining until about 7 and then it only changed from a steady downpour to a drizzle. I ventured out of our completely flooded driveway and on to the Hanalei Bridge. I didn’t get far. The road was completely flooded starting at Postcards. The Dolphin was reportedly under about 2’ of water.

I then went down to the mouth of the river near the pier, I was stunned. The river was probably 10x the size and was raging. The Hanalei canoe club was now part of the river. The silt from the river had turned the entire bay brown and the fresh water roiled angrily into the salt water, upsetting the bay all the way out to Princeville. I was stunned as were so many locals. We all watched from what was left of the beach as the water continued. Turning toward the mountains I was stunned to see them awash in water falls. I’d never seen so many. The rains had tripled the number of falls cascading down the mountains. I'll post pictures upon our return...

It would be a long, quiet day in Hanalei with all the shops closed. Most people who work in the shops and restaurants don’t live in Hanalei. We snorkled at Ke’e beach where the water was crystal clear and glass like. I’ve never seen Ke’e so calm. It was a joy.

The night was spent visiting with people from all over the world, talking about the storm and ourselves and enjoying a Kauai local brew - Keoko. We stumbled home, happy with our day on the island.

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JohnfromAustin said...

Hey Babe,
Is there anything left? Sounds like an amazing time.
You know I hate you for having such a great time but you also know I still love ya!!! Y'all be careful and drink a few of the local grogs for me.
See you soon.