Friday, September 17, 2004

Update on remodel hell

We were over @ Dena's sister's house yesterday for Roshashanah lunch and it was decided that we would hold Chanaka over here, at our house. Chanaka is Dec. 8. When I asked Dena about it later as I was concerned that we wouldn't be done with the bathroom, she said, "either we'll be done with the bathroom or you'll be in jail and the contractor dead on the bottom of that tub." Well, I couldn't really argue with her there.

My patience sometimes amazes even me, and other times is non-existent. Yesterday I went over to Mission Tile West to pick up our (yes, again....) custom color sample. The woman that ordered it for us, Nancy, apparently wasn't listening to a word I said and didn't order what we wanted. Unbelievable. Although, it is an amazing tile place, if you go there, don't let Nancy be your liaison - pick someone else! So, I was patient, I didn't yell at her, throw a tantrum or pin her head against the wall and box her ears like I wanted, so, I'm proud of myself. In the end, would it matter? We still get to wait another 2 to 3 weeks for the sample..... AARRRGGGHH! This blog will go on forever!

The infamous, unbelievable, god I hope it never leaks, tub was delivered, again today. It was delivered at noon and guess what - my contractor is not here. I guess it will be Monday now until its installed, the plumbing rehooked up, etc, etc, etc. Have you noticed I'm resigned to this fact? I even knew it was going to happen.

As an aside, away from remodeling - tomorrow is my LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!! Yeehaa!! I cannot even believe it. Yes, I will be a graduate with a BS in Information Technology Suma cum laude from the University of Phoenix. Ok, so I'm tooting my horn a little bit, but I figure I deserve it.

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