Thursday, September 23, 2004

My kingdom for a washer.....

The remodel continues with its ups and downs. Yesterday and early this morning brought fears about the new bathroom plumbing again. Either Danze shipped the wrong compression ring (aka washer) for the hot and cold faucet or Mike the drunk plumber lost them. Let's just blame Mike, because hey, every job needs a scapegoat and I nominate him! So, several calls to Danze and we finally figured out what the problem was. Fortunately,they will priority mail them and they should be here Monday, and its free. Thank goodness, that took 2 days, several trips around town looking for them locally, etc. Amazing how a 4 cent part can bring my world to a halt.

On the bright side, the window is back in, the tub is in, centered and been water tested 3 times, and the drywallers are here! Woohoo! Yes folks, you heard it, we will no longer be looking @ studs by Saturday, we'll be looking at real walls.

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