Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Am I a cynic?

Could I be a cynic? A pessimist? Could I be? Yes, well if you lived at our house and had to deal with contractors all day long, you'd be one too! Yesterday, much to my surprise, Patrick the plumber showed up to do our earthquake gas valve. For info on this new LA City earthquake requirement go here and scroll down near the bottom. I was surprised because I thought both the General Contractor and "Patrick the plumber" forgot. I guess not. So, they installed it and it is positioned in such a way that you cannot see the top which is where you see whether the "ball" is red or green. Our valve is the one on the left in the linked picture and if you want to learn how they work, its actually pretty darn cool, go here. So, I'm probably going to have to put a little mirror and duct tape it to the side so I can see the frigging ball status!

Anyways, back to my irritations, so yesterday Patrick, who is huge, looks like he's carrying full term 9 lbs. each triplets, is telling me how they spent 5 hours under the house trying to find the leaks in the tub. This is such bullshit because Gene and I spent an hour doing the same thing and found one more leak that Patrick never marked. Not that Patrick would be under the house, he can't fit! Its just the fact that he's lying. I cannot stand untruthful people. It just bugs the hell out of me. So today, Gene's boys are here re-installing the tub. And Jason shows me the tub drain set up and how the plumber (and it wasn't the drunk guy cause he was gone by this point) broke 2 of the plastic washers, but still used them, lost a plastic cover and didn't even put another washer on, just used a whole role of teflon tape. I mean, do I look stupid? I just want things done properly. Is that too much to ask? Actually, to tell you the truth its really only the plumbing that has been such a problem in this job. Gene's boys have been doing a good job.

Today, Patrick the plumber is back. I laid into him about the drain. He said they'd fix it. And he's driving Jason nuts by nattering away to him while he's trying to center my tub. I mean, come on!! Also, Patrick's boys are under the house installing water shut off valves to the tub area. Is this code? Why wasn't it done in the first place? They say they are graciously doing it now in case there are further plumbing issues in the new bathroom. I guess its just my cynisim but in my experience, no one does anything graciously! Well, I guess I'll run out and buy a little cheapy mirror.......

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