Friday, September 10, 2004

3 Steps forward and 10 steps backwards!

As you can see by the above picture the window is gone and the tub is in the process of being removed. Its a long story. After arriving home from North Carolina, I placed a call to Americh They have a field support team and have a factory in North Hollywood - how fortunate for us. They came out on 9/6/04 to fix the leak in the tub. This wasn't really a crack like first suspected and reported by my contractor's plumber, it was more a thin spot on the "airbath" air chamber that circles around the tub in concentric rings. This thin spot was leaching water, much like a thin spot on a fiberglass boat would leach water. So, the fellow fixed it and we let it cure for a couple hours. Then my contractor and I water tested it. Low and behold there were two more leaks, same type, different spots on the airbath rings. Obviously, they didn't all the material to properly seep into different parts of the mold. Perhaps there were even air pockets, who the hell knows. I was so angry and frustrated I cannot even begin to tell you.

Today, the Americh guy was supposed to come back and repair the other two leaks, but my contractor and I both bumped it up to upper management at Americh. They agreed to take the back, inspect it and run a new tub for us. You can bet we'll water test that son of a bitch when it arrives. We are apparently being bumped to the front of the assembly line so that the new tub will be back here in 5 days. You know what that means in "building talk" right? 2 weeks.

I had to make a big stink but my contractor has agreed to remove the tub and reset it at no charge. He wanted to charge me! The nerve! There was a big red note on the bottom of the tub when it arrived -- it said "Contractor, water test the tub BEFORE installing it". DUH!

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