Thursday, September 02, 2004

More remodel information

After flying home last night I was pleasantly surprised, then angry again when listening to the message the general contractor left. It appears that the hairline crack in the tub isn't really a hairline crack at all, its really just the fact that the plumber didn't secure the drain properly. Did you know the plumber found the hairline crack? Now, I ask you, if you are a plumber and are testing the tub, and it leaked, wouldn't your first check be the bloody drain you just put in? I have some real doubts about this plumber and his abilities. Well, since he fired Mike the drunk assistant I'm not sure who he is using, cause he sure isn't crawling under my house. The plumber looks like he's carrying full size triplets in his gut. Its HUGE! Well, enough for now, we're off to the beautiful state of Texas for a wedding. I'm sure I will be horribly bored.

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