Saturday, September 24, 2011

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

I've written before about the JVS WoMentoring program and that I'm in the middle of a six month mentoring stint with my mentee.  She has been through quite a bit in the last 10 years and I think we've made incredible progress in getting her where she needs to be to employable.

Just over a month ago she lost her 14 month old cat due to illness/old age or something like that.  Last Sunday I took her to a kitty adoption event and this gorgeous tiger stripes little kitten picked her.   They say the animal picks you, not visa versa.  She fell in love with the kitty and an hour and $ 50 later they were family.  The organization that we adopted from is called the Kitty Bungalow and they called her Val, a snowshoed tabby. We/I was promised that even though Val was too young to be spayed, she would be taken back in a couple weeks to have the procedure done, no cost.

Since then it's been all down hill.  The kitten has a cold and is violently sneezing with green stuff coming out of her eyes.  The Kitty Bungalow first admitted she had a cold prior to adoption and said they would drop off her meds but now are stating she never had a cold and there are no refunds/no returns.

My mentee is not in a financial position to take the kitten to the vet and apparently I'm just a big soft marshmallow and told her to take her today and I'd meet her there.  I mean, seriously, what I am supposed to do?  Let the kitten go back to a trailer full of other kittens and maybe not get better?  If they had medication and didn't drop it off, what kind of people are they?

So, just remember - No good deed goes unpunished.

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Marc said...

You could also try your County Animal Control - They have low cost spaying and vet service - Also, I'm sure they would be VERY interesting learning more of where you got this kitty and how they mislead you.