Friday, September 09, 2011

Another Day, Another Break In

Woke up Sunday morning, another beautiful day in Los Angeles.  Went and walked the dog and when I came back to the house the Auto Club had called saying the police had my AAA card and could I call them.  Immediately I went out the my truck and found the drivers side front and rear doors unlocked and softly closed and the thing ransacked.  How frustrating.

Fortunately, I had learned my lesson from the February break in and no longer keep anything of any real value in there.  I do however have building access cards, building keys, a stack of frequent shopper cards, about 30 actually, but nothing too exciting.  I called the police and Officer Rivera informed me that they had the suspect in custody and could I come down at 11am and meet with the detectives.

Wow, a suspect in custody?  Amazing.....Officer Rivera proceeded to tell me that he had caught three BEMV (Breaking, Entering Moving vehicle) last week himself.  He says they are not too bright.....that's obvious.  The last guy he got was syphoning gas from a vehicle because he ran out of gas 2 blocks from his last break in.

After filing the police report and learning that detectives don't work on holidays we went home.  A little while later an Officer Armstrong (yes, strange but true, same last name, no relation) called and stated that he had my property and could I describe it.  After describing the stolen items he stated that him and his partner would have to go back down to the central jail and get the rest of the items.  Slow day?  What service this was.  Around 3 that afternoon Office Armstrong and his partner showed up at the house with all my stuff.

Simply amazing.  And what service.  Damn shame this didn't happen in February but I am grateful nonetheless to the LAPD for their service.

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Irma said...

Unbelievable!! Train Geppetto to bark or maybe he's not used to the noises
of a burgaler yet!! Glad you got your stuff back and the officers were so helpful.