Monday, October 10, 2011

Dog on the Run

I decided that since Geppetto is such high energy, he wants to play or walk all the time, I'd take him for a bike ride and give him a good run.  Got the bike fixed up and away we went.  At first, it was really hard.  He's not a good walker, he's like a zig zag walker, likes to walk all over the place and smell everything, that's not a bad thing when you're on foot, it's not very good on a bike.

He's mostly looking for squirrels.  And sometimes he just stops mid stride and does a full body shake.  About 1/2 block into our ride he did that shake thing.  I almost ran him over.  Disaster averted, we tried again.  Then we kind of got in a groove, he was getting used to staying on one side of the sidewalk, me on the other, then a goddamn squirrel ran across the sidewalk right in front of us.  Geppetto went after it, the leash jerked the handlebars and flew out of my hand and the bike and I went flying the other way.  As I was falling I was freaking out  about Geppetto running across the road.  Fortunately, the squirrel went up the parkway tree and Geppetto was only interested in that.  I picked myself up and snagged the leash.  Geppetto was none the worse for wear but I was a little flummoxed.  I walked the bike home from there!

Even though we only made it about 4 blocks we were both exhausted after our ordeal.  I suppose I accomplished what I set out to do - wear him out.


Anonymous said...

"a zig zag walker, likes to walk all over the place and smell everything" = a great hunting dog! 4 blocks = dog has plenty left!

Anonymous said...

My 85lb dog does the same thing. Considering he's as dumb as rocks I assume other neurological issues are at play. I'm calling this disorder. BPPS
Bi-Polar Path Syndrome.