Wednesday, September 14, 2011


  • Craigs list price from ad - $ 75
  • Crate, 2 beds, food, flea stuff, toys, bowls, etc - $ 300
  • Grooming @ the doggie Spa - $ 55
  • Prescriptions for allergies, scratch testing - $ 0 - but very painful
  • First vet visit for full check up and de-worming - $300
  • Coming home to a dog completely excited to see me - Priceless


Anonymous said...

What took you guys so long...especially since the doggie is such a welcome new member?....Marcy

Dena Schwimmer said...

It all started when my parents got their dog Tigger and I just fell in love with him. I got the "I want a dog" germ but with Dawn's asthma, I knew it could never happen. Then I found out that there are dogs that are kinda hypoallergenic so that gave me hope and finally we found Geppetto! We spent a couple of hours with him to see how she would react and when she did ok, we brought him home for a trial period. Well, we just both fell in love with him and Dawn went and got allergy tested, new medications for her asthma and allergies and viola, we now are those "Dog People" you hear about although I refuse to buy him clothes...LOL!!!