Friday, August 19, 2011

More on Goal Setting

I need to remind myself that goals need to be set in all areas of our lives.  Family, Cultural, Health, Financial, Professional, Educational   - these are just a few examples of goal areas.  If we only set goals in the Financial and Professional areas of our lives then we will move toward an imbalanced life, focused on money and work.  That makes us unhappy in the long run.

It is also important to state our goals in the positive rather than negative when we write them down.  As I stated in the previous blog - our subconscious chews on our written goals and it always like to do as it is asked so if you write a goal in the negative you will probably get negative results.  Examples of  negative goals - stop eating foods containing sugar.  I will lose weight.  Try to quit smoking.  I will not eat chocolate this week. The words "stop", "lose", "not" and "quit" are all negative words.  These must be changed into positive words - e.g. I will be a size 10 by October.  This goal is positive and sets a target date.

The goal - "try to quit smoking" has many issues with it.  First it is negative, it is also too vague and lastly, it lacks commitment - try is not a committed word.  I will have healthy lungs would be a better statement.  Remember to break the major goal down into achievable steps.

Not only do goals move you forward and motivate you but they build self confidence.  As you achieve each step your self confidence climbs making the next step that much easier.

"A goal properly set is halfway reached." - Abraham Lincoln

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