Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Trip to the Dentist

This involved prepping for the crown. I had my root canal already and it was traumatic but as good as it could be I suppose. I took over a month to heal from that. Did you know that there is a ligament surrounding each tooth and these can get very sore from all that dental work. This was apparently what was causing me pain. See picture for some of the things done in a root canal. I felt you really needed to see that....just to share my pain with you. Yes, there is blood if you're a bleeder. I am.

Today was the prepping for the crown over that particular tooth. Since it was so decayed, had an old filling, etc, they tear apart most of the tooth to get in there with that lovely file/drill thing so there's not much left of the tooth when they are done. This means they have to crown it. A crown is a new porcelain or gold tooth that sits on top of your old tooth. Your old tooth is prepped to receive the crown. It's crowned like in checkers and fits like a puzzle piece or glove. I've happily provided you a picture of that too. Now this trauma and drama in this picture didn't happen to me where they ripped apart part of the gum, instead they put some sort of strings between the tooth and the gum, then pushed it in there to make a space so they could drill and cement. It was lovely but I suppose, all in all better than this picture.
If you'll excuse me, I have to go have 4 advil and chase it down with a pint of vodka.


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This was a lovely read while I sipped my morning


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WAY tmi