Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kitchen Lessons Learned - Granite vs Marble

We had a beautiful piece of countertop picked out.

We had a color scheme and a plan. We had wrapped our mind around the kitchen cabinets, stain and flooring all in a certain style based on this "granite". We went over to Arizona Tile and received quite an education from Tiffanie. She was wonderful. It turns out that this is NOT granite but marble. You can put marble as your kitchen countertop but it is not recommended as it is softer than granite and quite porous. She saw we were in love and was kind enough to give us a sample and some porous sealer with instructions to test it out. I sealed it twice as instructed and waited 72 hours. Then we did the lemon juice and red wine test. These are not kind to porous stone apparently. I put on both for 20 minutes, sponged and rubbed off. Both left very visible dark marks. Hmmmmmm lesson learned. I then said, well, we don't really cook that way, we're pretty neat, let's try for 3 minutes. Same result.

We retired to the living room with visions of our kitchen falling down all around us. We would have to rethink the entire color scheme. A couple hours later Dena wandered into the kitchen again and happened to glance at the marble. The wine glass ring and lemon juice mark were gone. What the?! I have no idea why but they were gone. We've decided against this stone anyway and will stick with granite. We've decided to go a little more generic and thus resaleable in case someday we move. Regardless, Arizona tile will be where we buy the granite because they were so helpful. And SMG Stone will be our fabricators because I have heard over and over how good they are.

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