Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Day With My Mom

Get up early, get over to the Garden Store and buy over $100 worth of soil, flowers and veggies. Come home, plant for 2 or 3 hours. Quickly make some sandwiches for lunch, jump in the car and eat them on the way to the Psychic. Have a couple card/tarot readings then drive over to Costco, pick up all our pictures, drive over to a different garden store. Ooooh and aaaahhh over the gorgeous flowers (this store is much higher end than the first), buy more pots to plant and separate more plants. Drive home. Are you tired yet?

Quickly garden a little more, exchange gifts, change, jump in car and drive to The Grove. Have a wonderful supper, do some shopping and go see a movie. Walk around the Grove some more and drive home. I passed out into bed at 11:30 pm completely unable to keep my eyes open.

This was my mom's birthday day. There wasn't even time for cake. She is truly an amazing person with triple my energy. I'm not sure where she's getting it from.

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