Monday, May 14, 2012

Weird Ride for 7 days

Since I've been here in Kauai I've had 3 migraines, lower back tightness and all muscles are so tight that it is driving me crazy, and restless leg syndrome - the worst I've ever had. I've had no diet anything, nothing with artificial anything in it. We've been to the farmers market and have been eating tons of fruits and vegetables and mostly locally grown or caught sustainable food. My body probably has no idea what to do about all that wholesome goodness. We've even had a Lomi Lomi 90 minute massage.

You would think after 7 days of all that I would feel like a million bucks. I definitely feel better than we got here, for sure. But I am not to where I would like to be. I'm taking a yoga class at noon today in the hopes that some of this muscle tightness will subside. I've been religiously taking magnesium, vitamin D and omega 3's. Ive even been drinking alcohol very little, having multiple alcohol free nights/days. I mean what the fuck else do I need to do??

Do you think this is all from one diet red bull a day? Or is it stress build up? Or is it a combination of stress, burnout and artificial sweeteners?

**Update**  Well duh! I figured this out finally.  I'm supposed to be taking one medication daily.  I packed it in my bag and for some reason when I hit the shores of Kauai I completely forgot to take it again.  I would have to say now, after some internet research on withdrawals from this particular medication, that 90% of my symptons were from that.  So back to the Red Bull and stress!!!  LOL, just red bull for me

**Update #2 **
Having a vacation has been so rejuvenating for my mind.  It feels so free, creative and focussed.  I've come up with two business ideas since being back on the mainland and I've only been here for < 8 hours.  Like I need more work....but hey, creativeness comes in many forms

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Please tell these two vacation food posts have been reversed.