Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vacation update - well maybe it started that way

It seems to me that we've probably had what some would term a classic vacation. So unlike us. I slept quite a bit the first few days, probably a result of burnout I'm sure. Dena has read 3 books and counting. We swam at least once a day in the bay here, but usually twice. Dena just made me a detox tea which we've been having twice a day. I'm trying to clean my system out from artificial sweeteners.

It might sound odd but post cancer surgery; after the pain, fear and exhaustion subsided a bonus of the whole affair was coming out the other end of it all completely diet soda pop free and feeling pretty awesome physically. My migraines hadn't shown up in months, my energy level was even keeled, and a host of other things that I didn't know you didn't have to live with we're gone.

At the time I didn't know if these benefits were derived from having no cancer or from the lack of artificial sweeteners or what, but frankly, I didn't dwell on it much. I was just happy to get back to my normal life. After life just sort of chugged along for 6 months I started to get the occasional migraine, feel a little crappy, fatigued, etc. But of course, I thought this was life and the effects of stress. I believe now that some, if not all of these symptoms are the effects of NutraSweet and diet sodas.

I cannot be sure of course if stress aggravates them or visa versa as we all know that stress comes with a physical cost. So much to Dena's dismay I have spent the vacation cleaning my body up.

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Irma said...

Aloha!! Sounds like you both needed
this vacation very badly!! Glad you
rested and all that other good stuff.