Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Expo Line Experience and Roger Waters

This past weekend we were fortunate enough to have tickets to the Roger Waters, The Wall, concert.  It was a perfect storm in and around downtown Los Angeles.  Kings, Clippers, Lakers playoffs, concerts, Dodgers, etc etc. makes for a very busy weekend for our already stressed freeways.  Emails went out from all the ticket providers and venues to take alternative transportation if possible.

Dena and I decided to check out the new Expo line.  It currently goes from Jefferson and La Cienga to the Staples center connecting with the Red, Purple and Blue lines.  It appeared by the terrible Metro map that it stops quite close to the coliseum, the location of the Roger Waters concert.  Saturday night, we parked at the park and ride at La Cienga and were a little taken aback at how many people were in line at the ticket terminals.  It turns out that they have 2 terminals on the East side and 2 on the West side of the street.  There was only one working on the Park and Ride side - East.  So I quickly dashed across the street and bought two one-way tickets.

As an aside - here are some ticketing lessons - a one way ticket is only good for 2 hours therefore, if you're going to a concert or what have you, you need to re-ticket on the way back as buying two one-way tickets at your starting point will mean the 2nd will expire.  You could buy a round trip ticket for $5, giving you all day, however, they expire at midnight - we caught our train home at 10 minutes to midnight.  Buying a round trip ticket would cost you $2 per person but save you from standing in line on your return trip.  Perhaps worth it depending.  Also, currently and stupidly, the Metro system is on the honor system.  So, you could just jump on and not buy a ticket depending on your ethical and  moral compass.

Our trip to the coliseum was a piece of cake - took 10 - 15 minutes and dropped us about one block from our venue.  Very easy and we enjoyed walking by the line of cars waiting to park for $25 in the lots.  On the way back we had to wait 10 minutes for a train as they run less frequently at night.  The first train passed us by as the platform was packed and the train that went by was packed.  We were all quite bummed when low and behold, the Metro people had the foresight to double up and another empty train arrived 3 minutes later.  The entire packed platform got on the four cars and everyone was happy.  We were home in 20 minutes.  Actually home, in our house.  What a wonderful change, less stress, enjoyable.

Information regarding Phase two of the Expo line
Expo Timetables and Maps  <-- and btw, the Trip Planner on the Metro website sucks!

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Irma said...

Glad you had a good experience on the Metroline. It beats fighting traffic,parking,etc. I don't even drive into Hollywood anymore - the Orange/Red Line takes me to the Pantages and Kodak/Dolby Theater.