Sunday, October 30, 2011

Uterine Cancer - The Work Up

We were scared - I'll admit it.  My first appointment with Dr. Ron Leuchter was in the Samuel Oschin Cancer Center at Cedar's Sinai in Los Angeles.  Just walking through the door was like getting slapped in the face.  Don't get me wrong, it's a gorgeous facility, beautiful marble floors, fish tanks, huge easy chairs with DVD players for treatments and snacks for patients and their care givers.  Regardless of how nice it is, it's still a cancer treatment center and seeing all those people there was unnerving.

After meeting with Dr. Leuchter and his team it was re-affirmed that a laparascopic hysterectomy would be done and the date would be tentatively set at October 19th, barring any issues with the pre-operative workups.  The first of those workups was a CT Scan but with contrast.  I didn't go with Dena to this appointment, I didn't think I needed the support.  I'm Dawn, I need no one.  To drink the lovely liquid I had to sit in the chemotherapy area with the big easy chairs and fish tanks.  I thought I was going to break down right there.  This could be me in a couple months.

Despite the awful tasting drink before the scan, the scan was fairly easy except the emotional part of waiting.  The waiting for the results now begins.  We wait and see if there is cancer elsewhere in my torso - aka that the uterine cancer has spread.   The scan was from my shoulders to my thighs - quite thorough.

Seven days later - the results are in - all good except an abnormality in the iliac crest, I'd have to have a CT Scan guided bone biopsy.  I found this news out while in Anaheim.  Trying to hold it in I drove home to tell Dena.  I didn't want to tell her that I could have bone cancer over the phone.

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