Saturday, October 04, 2008

What Was I Doing? Update

So, for those of you following the blog, the post below this one with the funny picture of me holding a hack saw, container of Oil of Olay moisturizer and something else, let me tell you what it was all about. I like the Oil of Olay moisturizer as it contains no perfumes (which give me zits even at my advanced age) but the container and design of it all just pisses me off. It has a pump action but near the end of the bottle nothing will come out. There is usually about 1/2 an ounce left and for the last 2 bottles I've dipped the pump straw in and tried to get every last drop out. It is a $ 28 bottle after all. That stuff is valuable. This time however, I decided to just get straight to the point. I took a hack saw to the bottle to get to the remains. And yes, I did need a hack saw, that bottle is incredibly tough. So, that's my story.

Yes, I did tip it over on its side for a couple days and yes, I did tip it over upside down for a week. The moisturizer is very viscus and wouldn't move.

And mom.....The avon moisturizer gives me pimples. I'm too old for pimples.

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Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding either too blonde or too sensible (and not owning a hack saw myself)....why wouldnt you turn it up side down and drain it into something else???