Sunday, October 05, 2008

Another State of the Economy Post

Sometimes I do things that are stupid. I admit it. Back in April I was shopping for new clothes for my new job. Gotta look like an executive right? There I am at a major department store and in a very unlike me move, I was convinced to go for the spiel of "if you sign up for our store credit card you get 15% off". I usually never fall for that. I have enough credit cards. I know they charge almost 30% interest, I know, I know.....but I fell for it anyways.

Awhile later I get a bill. There was a trick with the 15% discount. You see, first you paid the bill in full then they give you a 15% credit back to the credit line, thus forcing you to go buy more stuff to reap the "reward". That ticked me off. Also, I was a little miffed as I wanted to return something and just couldn't get over to the store. Time slipped away from me and I forgot to pay the bill. You know, I started a new job and was very busy and frankly, it wasn't on my online bill pay.

Another month passed, another bill came with late charges and the madder I got. I did pay the initial balance in full but was just pissed at myself for falling for the usual scam and refused to pay the late fees. It got to the point that the "major department store" bill came each month and I refused to open it and threw it in a pile. I suppose some of you might think I'm stubborn. That's probably true.

So yesterday I'm sitting in our house minding my own business and the phone rings. Is this Dawn Armstrong. Yes, who is calling please? They wondered why I hadn't paid. I was surprised it took so long. I told them the story of missing the first bill and being upset at the late charges. They waived all the late charges and zeroed my balance. And that, my friends, is where our economy has gotten us. A department store so desperate to keep its shoppers happy and charging on their credit card that they credited me over $ 90 in late fees.

Perhaps stubbornness pays off? Usually not.....

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