Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Random Thought

I've had an ATM card since somewhere around 1981. That's, well, a really long time ago. Almost 29 years. I've been counting the money that comes out of ATM machines for 29 years. It's never been wrong. 29 years ago I used to take out $ 40 all the time, I'd count it. Then it went up to $ 60 then $ 100 and now it's up to $ 200. I count it, every single time. It's never been wrong. How do it know? And why do I still count it?

That's it folks....a random thought...

1 comment:

Irma said...

We count because we want to be
sure we're getting our monies
worth!! Honestly, I do the same
thing even when I go into a bank
and see a cashier-- they count it
out and I count it again before I
leave the bank. Go figure!!
Indy Irma